What Was My Impact?

At the end of our days and after we are gone will we have made a difference on anyone or anything? Has my life mattered to anyone and what was my impact on this world? Early on I had the thought that the only thing I could really leave is my name and integrity. When…

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Brain Static

Static in my brain

Some days are harder than others to focus. I call it brain static. I’m really not sure if that’s a real term but to me that best describes the sensation in my head. At times I can feel the energy building, and even feel like the hairs on your head start to rise. On some…

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Learn To Improve

Learn to improve

Day 20601 Each year I pick a focus word, something that will motivate me to achieve more in life and possibly in my business. This years word is “Improve”. I know we always are trying to do better or at least we should be. We hear sayings such as “Be better than the person you…

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reflections of light

Sitting in my office this morning I saw these odd reflections on my office door. It was a light shining on the door in little round circles with little lines in it. I quickly realized it was the sun shining through my blinds. At first I was certain the lines where the blind strings that…

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What Do We Make?

I’m not sure if this is a rant, an observation, or maybe a call for awareness. It’s come to my attention that I don’t have as many items that say “Made In The USA” anymore and it makes me question, What do we make in the USA still? Some weeks ago as I was getting…

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Oh, That F Word!

It’s a word we hear a lot of these days. The F word is used without even thinking about it. Sometimes I wonder if people even know what, or really mean what they’re saying. Well okay, I’m not meaning THAT “F” word. The “F” word I’m referring to is “Faith”. The other “F” word is…

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20,000 Days

what have I done with 20,000 days

It’s hard to imagine, on Friday May 25th 2019 I turned 20,000 days old. WOW! In one thought I think where did all of those days go, but as I sit and ponder a moment I think I’ve seen and done so many things over those “days”. Sure there are life goals I’ve not reached…

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Take Time To Slow Down

Today as I was driving home from church I noticed many of the store parking lots was empty. It made me think, we really don’t take time to slow down anymore. The stores that I had driven by had closed for the day due to the Easter Holiday. For just a moment, it made me…

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A New Thing

Starting A New again

So I’ve been debating about this for years and finally decided to do it. This will be a bit longer post than you’ll see in the future but wanted to explain the what and why. I’ve been blogging for a really long time over at https://frankdeardurff.com but that has been focused on business and marketing.…

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