Papa Bear and the 3 Grand Cubs

Papa bear and the 3 grand cubs

My latest digital painting I was inspired by a print in a hobby store but wanted to add a splash of color instead of just a grey sky. And, I wanted to symbolize me with my grandkids. This was done with my iPad and Apple Pencil in the Procreate app. Such a great way to…

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Sun Set Trees

Another art work from 2001 with an original name. This was one of my first attempts to generate trees in this software. Kind of an eerie day in this scene.

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Spring Day

This fantasy land was done back in 2002 by request from my daughter who to this day still loves daisies. Kind of simplistic but fun.

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In The Distance

In the distance

No part of this image is a photograph. It was completely generated using wire frame modeling software. I created this image in 2001. Looking forward to creating more works soon.

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