The images below are photos that I've restored using different methods such as Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, and Camera raw.

I enjoy doing this as I like to bring out the detail in older family photos or remove the scratches, tears, and other image damage that occurs over the years in other photos such as the Animals freeing them from their cage or habitat is also fun.  Click on the image or title to see more about that image or to see it larger.


Grandpa’s Plane

This one of my Grandpa Forbes still needs some touch up but a bit it’s progress. I should come back and add a little bit about my grandpa’s decorated squadron. I think this is an awesome photo.


Mom & Uncle

I was given this photo recently of my Uncle and my Mom. She still has that glow about here when she smiles. While I love the vintage original on the left, I think the enhanced version on the right looks crisp and clean.


Me as a Little Guy


Dad & My Aunt

This photo is of my Dad (Frank jr.) and my Aunt Hallie Mae Smith. This photo is in my moms photo album that has seen better days. Photo corners was lost and at one point masking tape was added to hold them down. My Dad used to paint cars for a living and on occasion…

Grandpa McCullough

Great Grand Father

The image on the left is a photo I found on a genealogy site of my Great Grandpa Claude McCullough. The image on the right is after the restoration I did.

Caged Animal restoration


In this image I enhanced the colors and obviously removed the fencing. I took this photo while at a trip to the zoo with my family.

Photo restoration of my dad as a toddler

Dad Photo Restoration

This was a photo I found of my father Frank Deardurff Jr. I was able to brighten it quite a bit. I think as my skills improve I might be able to get it clearer yet.