Artwork By Frank Deardurff

The following image are artwork by Frank Deardurff III. Click on the image or title to see the image larger. Feel free to comment and let me know what you think. I appreciate your feedback.

Papa bear and the 3 grand cubs

Papa Bear and the 3 Grand Cubs

By Frank Deardurff

My latest digital painting I was inspired by a print in a hobby store but wanted to add a splash of color instead of just a grey sky. And, I wanted to symbolize me with my grandkids. This was done with my iPad and Apple Pencil in the Procreate app. Such a great way to…

birds in trees

Birds in Tree

By Frank Deardurff

Back to another tutorial, more on depth and lighting. I thought this one was pretty cool.

Winter Tree

By Frank Deardurff

My own design applying more of what I learned using Procreate. Applying textures, depth of field, and lighting.

winter grassy sunset

Winter Grassy Sunset

By Frank Deardurff

I liked this tutorial and the result. It made me think about several things, like placement of objects, and how objects appear in different lighting.

early misty morning

Misty Mountain Morning

By Frank Deardurff

No tutorial on this one. Trying to apply what I’ve learned so far with depth of field.

mountain lake

Mountain Lake

By Frank Deardurff

Another tutorial, more learning. I like how the water reflection turned out, learned more about textures and depth.

Late Fall

By Frank Deardurff

Followed a procreate tutorial on YouTube to make this artwork. Learned about textures, field depth, shadows, and textures. I was pleased with how it came out.

tropical sunset

Tropical Sunset

By Frank Deardurff

More work with procreate my first attempt with water reflection and texture as well as silhouettes using this app.

Purple & Gold Abstract

By Frank Deardurff

More with textures, thought I’d have some fun with an abstract.

Sunset Trees

By Frank Deardurff

More learning with Procreate learning blending and more on textures.