3D Artwork From Frank Deardurff

These artwork pieces are done with software called Bryce 3D. Many of these were designed nearly 20 years ago and were on a site that I had called "My Digital Dreams". Some of them were originally displayed at Deardurff.com my original site which I've now converted to genealogy research. These images are designed in a wireframe workspace to get the layouts and materials are then applied before rendering for the final artwork. Quite time-consuming but also fun and rewarding. Click the images below to see them larger on their own page.



By Frank Deardurff

Futuristic workspace. This one was mostly done in Bryce 3D with some modifications done in Photoshop. If you look close on the workstation you can see this artwork being created in Bryce software on the computer screen.


Water Tube

By Frank Deardurff

Something about this one I really like as well. Very challenging to get two plans and then line up the rings. I did this one back in 2002 and believe it or not I used this art as the background to my business card for a while. I’ll have to dig one up possibly and…



By Frank Deardurff

This was a challenge back in 2001 to create this flowing water in 3D wire frame and generate the right effect.



By Frank Deardurff

One of my favorite pieces. I created this in 2002 and used to sell it as a poster. I have this one in my office as a print as well.


Twin Towers

By Frank Deardurff

Created in 2000 as I was learning about some of the other materials and textures in this software.


Turtle Rock

By Frank Deardurff

A simplistic but cool piece from 2002.


The Tunnel

By Frank Deardurff

This piece from 2001 was a little trickier than it appears. Yeah another original title. Don’t know what I was thinking back then.


Three Stands

By Frank Deardurff

I just realized that many of these images have three objects. This one was created in 2000.


Three If By Sea

By Frank Deardurff

This image from 2005 was mostly done in Bryce 3d. The center part obviously. The other part created in Photoshop. I was going for a computer wallpaper background for this one.


Sun Set Trees

By Frank Deardurff

Another art work from 2001 with an original name. This was one of my first attempts to generate trees in this software. Kind of an eerie day in this scene.


Sunset By Request

By Frank Deardurff

I created this one in 2002 as well. It seems I did a lot of these then. Again not a photo.


Summer Day

By Frank Deardurff

Maybe one day I’ll find a beach like this but for now this will do. This is NOT a photo. I created this art piece in 2006 in Bryce 3D. So believable.


Striped Towers

By Frank Deardurff

I created this one back in the early 2000’s. I should of called it wiffle ball rack. Totally created in Bryce 3D.


Striped Castle

By Frank Deardurff

Another from 2002, this was all done in Bryce 3d Except for the windows, steeple, and smoke which was added via photoshop.


Spring Day

By Frank Deardurff

This fantasy land was done back in 2002 by request from my daughter who to this day still loves daisies. Kind of simplistic but fun.