Gold on Black Doodle

Untitled Artwork 10

Seems I generally start with a white background on this one I thought I’d go reverse but then thought gold on black would be a cool alternative. I like how it turned out. As I’ve said before I never know where these doodles will go they just speak to me and I listen. Always a…

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Leafy Aztec Doodle

Frank Deardurff doodle

Started as a geometric doodle but as I started feeling the image it started to have an Aztec flare to me. Part of the center was a little more detailed than I planned as I zoomed in to far to make the pattern on my tablet. This was done in the Procreate App.

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Zen Music Doodle

Music Doodle

The following is an image I did all in ball point pen in grey Kraft paper sketch book. I usually do these types of doodles during short breaks when I’m having brain static days.

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