A Walk Through A Magical Dream Forest

a walk trhough a magical dream forest

This stunning digital image depicts a woman walking through a beautiful autumnal forest, with lanterns lighting her path. The illustration is created in a unique and captivating style, with a color palette featuring dark cyan and emerald tones that add to the mysterious and enchanting ambiance. The landscape of the forest is intricately detailed with…

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Amazing Sunset Over Forest Tree Tops

amazing sunset over forest tree tops

This digital image captures a stunning sunset over a lush forest, with tall trees reaching towards the sky. The style of the illustration is life-like and reminiscent of avian artwork, with an epic landscape that’s sure to take your breath away. The color scheme features a combination of dark maroon and sky-blue, which creates a…

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One of my favorite pieces. I created this in 2002 and used to sell it as a poster. I have this one in my office as a print as well.

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Sphere Stand


A futuristic steampunk kind of water purification object. Working with metal finishes, reflection, refraction, and water. I created this piece back in 2003.

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Search Party


Another sci-fi inspired artwork. No part of this is done with photography or altered in photoshop. It is all done via 3d modeling software.

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