20,000 Days

It’s hard to imagine, on Friday May 25th 2019 I turned 20,000 days old. WOW!

In one thought I think where did all of those days go, but as I sit and ponder a moment I think I’ve seen and done so many things over those “days”.

Sure there are life goals I’ve not reached YET! But I think of the blessings of family. My mother that has taught many things that got me through life. Siblings, that have shaped part of who I am as well. My wife of 12,526 days. Think about that! I’ve been married for over half of my days. The blessing of my two daughters and three grandchildren that have helped me become a better person by wanting to be a better example for them.

I think of personal achievements of my first college degree before I turned 20. My first business at 38, an online service provider, becoming a published author and so much more in just 20,000 days.

There’s nothing wrong with looking back at accomplishments, not to toot your own horn, but to feel good about what you’ve done and not sell yourself short.

I also pause and remember what made want to strive for success. What is it that makes me want to achieve more.

Was it that my dad left us with nothing before I turned 9? Was it the teacher in elementary that said “you’ll never amount to anything?” Maybe it was that I followed my sister through school whom I looked up to for being so smart and talented. Possibly it was to try to achieve to be able to help my mom have some things she couldn’t.

It’s important to remember what makes you, you!

I think about how technology has changed. From watching the moon landing in 1969 on a black and white TV or talking on a “corded phone”. Fast forward through transistor radio’s, mix tapes, personal computers, Floppy Disk’s, VHS, DVD’s.

WOW all of that replaced by something that fits in our pocket with more computing power than as on board that first space trip. We have the world at our fingertips. We can communicate with someone around the world in mere seconds.

Then as I sit here, I think about the next 5,000 days, or the 5,000 after that. What CAN I accomplish to leave my mark on this every changing world and will my small blip even matter 20,000 days from now. I can only hope that even one day from my anticipated 36,500 days will have made someone else’s days a little brighter or a little better.

I guess the original thought is to maybe help you realize that while a lot of days are behind us there are so many more before us. And so much can change in just one day.

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