Big Wave at Sunset

a beautiful sunset with a large wave.

One of my recent images that I’ve generated for my desktop background. I love the Art style that was generated with a nice big wave near sunset on the beach.

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Weeping Cherry Tree Blossoms by the River

weeping cherry trees

This stunning painting is a sight to behold! It features a breathtaking landscape filled with vibrant red trees, tranquil water, and colorful flowers. The style of the painting draws inspiration from the world of manga, with its use of bold lines and dynamic shapes. The color palette is a stunning combination of light pink and…

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Water Tube


Something about this one I really like as well. Very challenging to get two plans and then line up the rings. I did this one back in 2002 and believe it or not I used this art as the background to my business card for a while. I’ll have to dig one up possibly and…

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One of my favorite pieces. I created this in 2002 and used to sell it as a poster. I have this one in my office as a print as well.

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