Brain Static

Some days are harder than others to focus. I call it brain static. I’m really not sure if that’s a real term but to me that best describes the sensation in my head.

At times I can feel the energy building, and even feel like the hairs on your head start to rise. On some occasions you anticipate the >Snap< as if ideas are colliding and pushing off each other.

I’m not sure what you do to calm that kind of buzz. Me there are several things I “try” to slow it down.

First I doodle. That helps – on days like this I find the “Pomodoro Technique” helps. That’s where you work for a scheduled time 25-45 minutes and then take a 10-15 minute break. I find doodling in those breaks help.

It not only helps refocus my brain but else refocuses my eyes. I’ve found after decades of working at a computer my eye’s get really tired or sore some days more than others. I feel it’s because I focus so hard on what I’m doing that I either forget to blink or my muscles just stay focused at that distance.

By refocusing during this short break I think it forces those muscles to relax or at least adjust to that span for a bit. Also, this is a good point to chug some water and hydrate those tired eyes and brain.

Below is one of the Doodles I’ve done during breaks. I just do a section at a time. I’ve dedicated a new sketch book to just ball point pen sketches for these timed breaks so that I can have it handy though doodling on the post mark of a handy envelope is fun as well.

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Brain Static

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