A New Thing

A New Thing

So I’ve been debating about this for years and finally decided to do it. This will be a bit longer post than you’ll see in the future but wanted to explain the what and why.

I’ve been blogging for a really long time over at https://frankdeardurff.com but that has been focused on business and marketing.

While I’ve added some personal posts and things it just never felt right to share non business things. I felt that people went there to find out how to improve their business or purchase my product offerings.

My first actual website (before personal domains we had hosted AOL home pages websites) I started 20 years ago, Deardurff.com which had a bit of everything a that time. It started as a way to share my hobby of graphics and genealogy. Then people started asking about how I built the website, marketing tips etc. It was about that point I started building websites and created ThatOneWebGuy.com and from that point 100’s of other domains.

Deardurff.com then became focused only on genealogy. It’s undergoing a revamp currently as time allows but graphics and art has always been my biggest passion. That’s what originally got me started online http://MyDigitalDreams.com. The graphics portion of the original site became MyDigitalDreams.com that may soon be redirected here. That site was for all of my digital art work using Photoshop or Bryce 3D. The image for this post was one of the first designs.

Deardurff.com has also grown to add some sub-domains this space frank.deardurff.com and a blog for my brother john.deardurff.com who is an exceptional Microsoft Certified Trainer and MS SQL aficionado.

It is in this space that I will return to focusing on my art and graphics that I do for fun. Things such as my doodles (which one out come is doodledcoloringbook.com ) photography, other digital art and possibly the quote memes I’ve been creating on my Instagram feed.

I may even share some fun non-business resources or apps that I like to use or thoughts about life in general. After all this site will be a just for fun place for me where I won’t have to focus on what customers do or do not like.

So maybe this isn’t a “new thing” but an old thing revisited. In any case I hope you will join me in this journey.


  1. Millie Hughes on February 16, 2019 at 3:26 am

    So enjoy seeing your doodles and photos.

    • Frank Deardurff on February 16, 2019 at 5:59 am

      Thanks Millie, I’m glad you enjoy it. It’s therapeutic for me.

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