What Do We Make?

what do we make

I’m not sure if this is a rant, an observation, or maybe a call for awareness. It’s come to my attention that I don’t have as many items that say “Made In The USA” anymore and it makes me question, What do we make in the USA still?

Some weeks ago as I was getting dressed and I reached for a shirt I like to wear. Something on the tag design caught my eye a pattern or something. But then I decided to read the tag and notice it was made in Bangladesh. (Nothing wrong with things made from Bangladesh by the way.) Which then made me wander where the other items were from.

I found out I’m quiet the international traveler. Over the past couple of weeks as I’ve been getting dressed I started checking more and more tags. More so out of curiosity than anything else.

It seems that most (if not all) of my clothes from head to toe are not made here in the USA.

Now, I’ve caught my self checking about every item I pickup. And to my dismay, I’ve found fewer and fewer items with that phrase I’m looking for.

It really makes me wonder why something we use to be so proud about has slipped under the radar?

Do we not care anymore? Is it purely about price? Maybe we just can’t afford to make (or buy) things “Made in the USA”.

what do we make in the USA

Is it us the consumer to blame for allowing it to happen? Maybe it’s corporate greed having it made more cheaply elsewhere to have a bigger profit margin.

Maybe it’s the fact that we’re taxing ourselves right out of our own country!

Companies can’t afford to pay all of the taxes imposed on them here and have to turn elsewhere to even keep the doors open. And it seems more and more US companies are being purchased by non US investors.

By all means I’m not saying we must throw out everything we own and go buy American Made. But, I do think we should be more concerned about what we are allowing to happen.

Personally, I think the cost of everything is spiraling out of control. I’m sure it’s an age old problem (not to be confused with old age 😉 ), but where does it stop and how can we get it back under control.

Even more the issue, have we lost pride in our country? Where is the patriotism from years past. You see it peak out on national holidays and on anniversaries of national disasters. But, are we missing a national disaster right under our noses by how we spend our US dollars?

Just something to think about. Feel free to share your thoughts and comments below.


  1. Jeanette Cates on September 17, 2019 at 7:04 pm

    I don’t think taxes have anything to do with it. It’s pure greed. As we look at the wealth in America we see it shifting to an increasingly smaller percentage of the population. That small percentage sees that by moving manufacturing to another country they can cut costs – and boost profits.
    We made great clothing in the USA. But our workers need to be paid more to afford to live here. Instead their jobs are going elsewhere and they are having to supplement their living expenses with multiple jobs, everyone in the family working, and accepting government assistance.
    Meanwhile shareholders and CEOs are doubling and tripling profits.

    • Frank Deardurff on September 18, 2019 at 2:42 am

      I definitely have to agree about the greed, that is showing up everywhere. And I think maybe I meant rate hikes instead of taxes but taxes are creeping up on everything. As for the rate hikes I’m seeing basic utilities sneaking an extra $20 here or another $30 there on an already tight budget for most. I still Union’s at some point have gotten out of hand and partially guilty for driving up wages making companies look elsewhere.

      I’m amazed at the number of people that will pay $30, $50, $60 for shirts with famous brand logo’s and team sports. Even though I’m a huge sports fan I refuse to pay the elevated price for MLB, NFL, NBA sanctioned merchandise. I myself have not bought any in a few years. All to pay for over paid athletes and Billion dollar stadiums that we can’t watch because of blackouts. But that’s another topic 🙂

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